Cyrus and his children with Crohn’s Disease


Dear Parent,

I am the father of a son who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 12 (2008) and a daughter diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 12 (2011).  I am sure like me, you have asked ‘why?’  Unfortunately, no answer came and I made sure I appeared strong and composed for my children.  I was hoping and praying I would be brave enough for them as they were fighting their battle with this disease.  I wish I could say those magic words that would make it all go away but as I now know life is a collection of moments and doesn’t work that way.

It is often said our children learn from their parents.  Crohn’s disease has shown me as a parent we learn from our children.  I have learned how resilient and confident our children are.  They face the day with a smile and ensure this disease does not define them.  As a matter of fact they work harder to achieve greatness and be grateful for the good days. We have pushed and encouraged them to do well and pushed them to strengthen their bodies so as not to accept Crohn’s in defeat.

After our son was diagnosed we encouraged our son to try out for swimming. It was heartbreaking for the first few years as he worked hard to keep up with his peers. We kept encouraging him that he could do it. He is now a high school Varsity Swimmer. After our daughter was diagnosed we felt she needed to be confident about her body as well. We signed her up for Tae Kwon Do. She is now two belts away from black belt. Again all of this came with daily
frustrations. There were times we all wanted to give up and thought it would be so much easier to wallow in self pity. Trust me we still have moments like that. But, it’s true when they say, children are resilient. Our children taught us how to overcome life’s disappointments. They are truly our heroes.

During this time, there were a number of people who encouraged us and helped us. Our community is truly that of paying it forward. Please know that now this emotionally stronger parent is ready to pay it forward. Please contact me to just talk about anything or just a few words of support or just…I know how that feels…

Warm regards…

Cyrus – A father inspired by his son and daughter

Cyrus’ children are treated at an ImproveCareNow center.

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