David and his son with Crohn’s Disease

Finding out your child has an illness that may be lifelong is like walking through a door that you cannot pass through again. You’re in new territory, stepping across a border that marks the time before Crohn’s or Colitis and now, permanently, the time after.  As the parent of a young child with Crohn’s, I have made this crossing and, having been here awhile, can share plenty of advice on doctors and treatment, school accommodations and nutrition. But, more significantly and importantly, I offer you this: Knowledge = Power.

Become powerful. Learn, read, and speak to smart people who know what they are talking about. Be active and not passive. There is much we do not know about pediatric IBD and you will need to partner with a trusted medical provider to make some tough choices. Do so, not by hiding in the back seat, but by plopping down in the passenger seat. Such involvement is not easy. It takes time and can be overwhelming. The temptation to give up and let the people in the white coats do all the driving can be hard to resist. But, remind yourself (and sometimes others) that the most important person in your child’s health is you.

Knowledge = Power and your power coupled with your love is as critical as the best medicine. Use it as directed.


David’s son is treated at an ImproveCareNow center.

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