Julia and her son with Crohn’s Disease


To say we live, eat and breath the existence of our children is an understatement.  Our children fill our world with so much joy and happiness. We provide a platform for them to flourish and assure them that the possibilities are endless to what they can be and do. We want to protect them from everything. Then the day comes we can’t, but we can help provide them hope.

How do you explain to your child who has just been diagnosed with Crohn’s that all will be ok. When in reality your heart is so broken and your head is scrambling to make any kind of sense from what you have just been told.  I was there-six years ago, and what a journey it has been.

You are not alone, you are at the beginning of your journey.  You will find your way.  Today, put your new plan into effect.  With the help of your Doctors/health care providers, local support groups and talking to others it’s amazing how many others share your story.  Our children become the remarkable strong ones from this journey, they become our heros! They will flourish and their possibilities are endless, we just travel down a different road.

Julia, parent of a child with Crohn’s

Julia’s son is treated at an ImproveCareNow center.

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