Kolin a patient with Crohn’s Disease


This is a story about a boy who loved outer space, playing outside, and most importantly his family. He never thought much of tragedy, never thought anything terrible would happen in the world let alone to him. Then one day he began to experience disabling stomach pains.  He was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, and suddenly everything that he loved had vanished. His dream of becoming an astronaut could no longer happen. After what seemed to be forever, he was tested, treated and he was back on his feet in no time. However, he had many flare-ups and was hospitalized numerous times, including an entire summer. The one reason he never lost hope, was because every time he was sick, he had gotten better. Realizing how bad his life could be without the proper care and treatment, he began volunteering with whatever was needed, whether it be at school, in the community, or the hospital itself. Then the  boy began playing contact sports again, stayed in school even when his stomach was hurting, and still found ways to do what he knew was right, because one day he will become a doctor and fulfill his new dream of helping a child similar to himself.

Age 17

Kolin is treated at an ImproveCareNow center.

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