Tania and her son with Crohn’s Disease

You may be reading this around a difficult time, diagnosis. I want you to know that you are not alone. When our son was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, he had just turned 9. We were so overwhelmed by the diagnosis and didn’t really know much about the disease. We literally went into information overload trying to learn as much as we could. Our goal was to understand the disease and get him the best care that we could so he could feel well and just be a kid. Over the years, we have learned so much, met so many others affected by IBD and will continue to fight to find a cure. Today, my family and I continue on our journey but with much more confidence and a lot less fear than we initially had. We still attend educational events in our area when they are available, we fundraise as a family to raise money for research and we each speak openly about the disease, as advocates, to try to increase awareness.  The strength and courage I have seen in the kids with IBD continues to amaze me, they are truly an inspiration. You have so many others by your side! We are all in this together and will be stronger together.

Tania – Parent

Tania’s son is treated at an ImproveCareNow center.

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