The Honored Non-Patient

The Honored Non-Patient

By: Justin Vandergrift

For just about a year Empowered by Kids has featured an honored patient. These stories are designed to provide hope to those affected by IBD. Showcasing a patient’s courage and unstoppable attitude will hopefully show others that anything is possible regardless of circumstance.

Behind each of these patients however is a support system and network of love that helped each patient achieve their success. In some ways the successes of each individual patient are the successes of their support system – because with support nothing is impossible.

One person to note is the face behind our social media campaign, Kyle. Kyle is a brilliant teenager whose brother has Crohn’s Disease. Kyle has assembled most of our honored patients on his own as a way to honor is brother. It is no doubt that Kyle is inspired by the courage and determination of his brother, but we are all inspired by Kyle and how he continues to give back.

Throughout the IBD community there are thousands of people just like Kyle. Their faces may look different, some are older and some are younger but they all actively choose to support their loved one through their actions. They provide strength, a shoulder to lean on and words of hope an encouragement to their loved one.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

― John Bunyan

This week we salute Kyle and everyone like Kyle – the honored non-patients who are inspirations to all of us.

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