Inflammatory Bowel Disease Newsletter

It’s the news no parent wants to hear: Your child has been diagnosed with a chronic, potentially life-threatening illness. Parents want to protect their children and keep them safe. It can be particularly devastating to learn that your child has a chronic illness. Parents who struggle with a child with a chronic illness have a lot on their plate. But they’ve also found ways to appreciate life that we can all learn from.

The EBK newsletter is written BY PARENTS of kids with IBD FOR PARENTS of kids with IBD. Our goal for this newsletter is to provide you the parent with a collection of information based on the experiences of parents on the same journey but have found alternative routes to meet the needs of their child. Parent contributors will share stories on a variety of common experiences. As parents we support our children on so many levels. This newsletter provides you, the parent support in that you are not alone.   We are all part of the same community, sharing the common experience of caring for our child with IBD.

IBD Newsletter, Issue One – Sept 2014

In this first issue, we highlight Dr. Richard Colletti of ImproveCareNow as he reviews 30 years as a pediatric gastroenterologist and what he sees for the future of treatment for IBD children. In addition, twelve parent contributors have shared stories on a variety of common experiences.


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