Our Mission


Seeing your child suffer through a chronic disease is a heartbreaking experience. As parents we’ve all seen the ups and downs, been part of difficult conversations with doctors and most importantly just wanted someone to listen. Through it all we’ve seen our kids persevere and come out better for it.

We were empowered by our kids!

This site was created to celebrate our kids. Through all of the pain, heartache and struggle, they continue to amaze us with their strength. When we were down, we needed to see the success story and to know that there were better times ahead.

Our mission is simple….

to engage and empower patients/parents to have a voice for those impacted by chronic diseases to become advocates in their care and to make a difference in the life of a patient by offering hope, experience, inspiration and a passion to change healthcare. Join us, together we can be empowered by kids!”

We would encourage you to read the success stories of other parents and kids who suffer from chronic disease. Let their struggle give you confidence that better days are ahead.

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Empowered By Kids, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). All contributions made to Empowered By Kids are tax deductible for those living in the United States.